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Table 3 Rate of health plan member registrationa by randomization groupb

From: Harnessing health plan enrollee data to boost membership in patient-powered research networks

 Mail group (N = 14,571)Email group (N = 14,574)P values
Intent-to-treat approachN%95% CIN%95% CI 
Patient engaged by the intervention780.54%0.42–0.67%240.16%0.11–0.25%<.001
As treated approachcN = 13,834N = 10,319 
Patient engaged by the intervention780.56%0.45–0.70%230.22%0.14–0.33%<.001
  1. aPlan member registration = Invited health plan member who joined a PPRN
  2. bRandomization group = Invited health plan members were randomized to either mail or email outreach
  3. cPatients with undeliverable home or email address and those in existing Do-Not-Contact list were excluded in the as-treated analysis