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Table 2 Characteristics of health plan members invited to join a Patient-powered research network

From: Harnessing health plan enrollee data to boost membership in patient-powered research networks

Health plan member characteristicsMail group Email group P values
N14,571 14,574  
Age, mean (SD)50. 810.550.710.540.50
Age category (years), n (%)    0.55
 65 and over7505.17214.9 
Female, n (%)11,42478.411,44078.50.85
Residential location (based on zip code), n (%)    0.27
Health plan coverage, n (%)    0.14
 Medicare Advantage3892.73502.4 
Census Region, n (%)    0.37
Clinical Historya     
 Comorbidity score (Deyo-Charlson Index), mean (SD)2.172.622.152.610.29
 Comorbidity score category, n (%)    0.46
  1 or 2610041.9613642.1 
  3 or more412428.3403227.7 
Medical Utilization History (all cause)a     
 Any hospitalization, n (%)443230.4445930.60.74
 Any emergency room visit, n (%)615042.2624442.80.27
 Any Outpatient visit, n (%)14,571100.014,573100.00.32
 Primary care physician visits, n (%)12,98489.112,95588.90.55
 Specialist visits, n (%)14,45899.214,47699.30.30
  1. SD Standard deviation
  2. acharacteristics measured using all available coverage period from January 2006 to February 2018