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Table 2 Summary of per person costs of genomic sequencing (AU$)

From: Estimating the costs of genomic sequencing in cancer control

 Lung cancer/melanomaBreast cancerMelanomaLung cancerOesophageal cancerMesothelioma
No. of patients745192383101003
Descriptiontumour samples
blood samples
saliva samples
blood/tumour pairs
blood/tumour pairs
blood/tumour pairs
 % of total0.0%7.2%3.2%0.9%0.5%0.9%
2.DNA extraction
  -validation / quality control$5.34$5.34$32.91$81.50$180.70$139.90
  % of total6.6%13.1%7.6%6.6%6.2%8.4%
3.Library preparation & Capture
  -consumablesc$322.23$149.67Included in sequencing$1050.21Included in sequencingIncluded in sequencing
  -pre-sequencing quality control$0.78 n/a$11.54n/an/a
  % of total76.8%45.1% 43.1%  
  -labourn/a$3.88Included above$69.86Included aboveIncluded above
  % of total0.0%24.1%86.1%42.4%86.7%56.3%
5. Analysis
  -computing software$1.74$3.20n/a$0.73n/an/a
  % of total14.3%7.8%2.0%2.1%2.0%26.9%
6. Storage
  -data storage$1.96$1.96$9.79$39.15$217.28$217.28
  % of total0.5%0.6%1.1%1.4%4.5%7.5%
7. Reporting to clinicians
  -multidisciplinary team meeting$7.56$7.56n/a (project is pre-clinical)$96.54n/a (project is pre-clinical)n/a (project is pre-clinical)
  % of total1.8%2.2%    
TOTAL per personAU$428.56 (US$240)AU$347.08 (US$297)AU$870.63 (US$604)$2787.53 (US$1932)AU$4829.76 (US$3447)AU$2895.19 (US$2006)
Capital costs
  -sequencing machine$22.46$22.46$61.58$131.01$62.45$74.24
% extra from total per person7.9%9.7%10.6%7.0%1.9%3.8%
TOTAL per person including capital$462.25$380.77$963.00$2984.07$4923.53$3006.65
  1. aThe costs of tumour samples were not included because these were routinely biopsied in the normal course of diagnosis and not specifically for sequencing
  2. bIncludes tube racks, plate racks, storage racks, tips, tubes, ethanol, tube & lid cap strips, sealing film, DNA gel stain, gel extraction kit, microplate buffer etc. (see Additional file 1 for details)
  3. cIncludes reagents, tips, beads, prep kit, microtubes, plates, PCR plates, TapeStation Assay (see Additional file 1 for details)
  4. dUSD 600 converted to AUD, 1.29038 exchange rate