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Table 5 Patient characteristics associated with high risk reported by participants

From: Variability in clinicians’ understanding and reported methods of identifying high-risk surgical patients: a qualitative study

Patient characteristic indicating frailty Number of participants reporting (N = 13) Examples
Number of comorbidities 7 Multi-system disease, 2–3 comorbidities, number of cardiac problems
Type of comorbidity 6 COPD, cardiac problems, hypertension, diabetes
Patient history 4 Previous heart attacks, multiple surgeries
Frailty 4 Frail, weight loss, fatigue, level of function, frequent falls, frequent infections
Poor mobility 3 Use of walking frame, use of wheelchair
Age 3a Ageing population, elderly
Obesity 2 Obese patients, morbidly obese
Terminal illness 1 Terminal multi-organ failure
  1. aAn additional 3 participants stated that age was not necessarily an indicator of risk