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Table 1 Description of the dimensions of the Erin Research Inc. model, 1998

From: Beyond coverage: a qualitative study exploring the perceived impact of Gabon’s health insurance plan on access to and quality of prenatal care

Settings Description
Speed The reaction time to a request according to the expectations and needs of the customer. This is the time needed to obtain a service or a product. Speed requires:
- That the time to get an appointment with professionals is reasonable;
- Waiting time is short when you do not have an appointment;
- The timeframe for obtaining the results of examinations or assessments is reasonable;
- That the delay in obtaining diagnostic services (blood tests, x-rays, etc.) is reasonable.
Courtesy or comfort Feeling of well-being resulting from a healthy, clean and orderly inventory of equipment perfectly adapted to different situations. This requires that:
- The environment in the health facility is positive;
- That the premises be built in a safe manner, such as safe stair ramps. Courtesy refers to politeness and good manners that make the customer feel comfortable.
Knowledge or skills Appropriate and proven set of representations, skills and knowledge appropriately mobilized by a person or group in a work situation.
Fairness of treatment The patient is satisfied with the way they were treated.
Results The patient got what they needed.