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Table 2 summary of symptoms reported in clinic, in e-record and in both clinic and e-record

From: Patients without records and records without patients: review of patient records in primary care and implications for surveillance of antibiotic prescribing in rural China

Symptomobservede-recordaccurate e-record (% of observed)inaccurate* e-record
(% of e-records)
blocked nose232132 (0.9%)11 (84.6%)
runny nose199000
snotty nose39000
dry cough12411810 (8.1%)108 (91.5%)
cough green sputum25121 (0.4%)1 (50%)
cough clear sputum41000
cough white sputum36022022 (100%)
dry throat14611 (0.7%)0
sore throat450000
itchy throat128000
burning throat21101 (100%)
hoarse voice10000
difficulty swallowing5000
headache139132 (1.4%)11 (84.6%)
body pain7000
fever71557 (9.9%)48 (87.3%)
urinary frequency10000
urinary urgency471 (25.0%)6 (85.7%)
pain on urinating1374 (30.8%)3 (42.9%)
urinary incontinence2000
blood in urine0000
turbid urine0101 (100%)
lower back pain2000
urinary tract itch0000
‘heavy’ stomach0000
Totals263724028 (1.1%)212 (8.0%)
  1. *inaccurate defined as a symptom recorded in e-record which was not documented in clinic observation