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Table 1 Data sources and variables used in a review of clinical records for monitoring antimicrobial resistance and prescribing in rural Anhui province

From: Patients without records and records without patients: review of patient records in primary care and implications for surveillance of antibiotic prescribing in rural China

 Data source
Exit surveys
Electronic patient records
Unique study ID+++ 
Date of consultation+ ++
Location of consultation+ ++
Attending physician  ++
Name+  +
Date of Birth+  +
Sex+  +
Insurance status/ type+   
Presenting complaint+ + 
Duration of illness  + 
Physician diagnosis++++
Investigation(s)++ +
Treatment(s)+  +
Antibiotic prescribed++++
Antibiotic name(s)++ +
Antibiotic dose(s)++ +
Antibiotic route(s) of administration (IV/IM/PO)++++
Record- keeping practices: (in or post- consultation) +  
Use of insurance ID (patient or family member) +