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Table 2 Adaptations at Content Level

From: Adaptive design: adaptation and adoption of patient safety practices in daily routines, a multi-site study

Questions Start-up Iteration 1 Iteration 2
Questions reordered TOP U1, U3, G4 U1, T1, T2, T3, G3 T2, T3, G4
Questions added TOP U1*, U3*, T2*, T3, G1, G3, G4 U1*, U3, T1*, T2*, T3*, G1*, G3 U3, T2*
DEB U1, U3, T2 U1*, T1, T3* T2, T3, G4*
Questions deleted TOP U1*, U2*, U3* U1*, U2*, T1*, T2, T3, G1, G2*, G3*, G4 G4*
DEB U2, G3 G4*
Questions rephrased TOP U1*, U3*, T2*, T3*, G3, G4 U2*, T1*, T2*, T3*, G2* U3, T2*, G4*
DEB T1 T2*, G4*
Designated team member asking question TOP U3* U1*, U3 U3*, T2*, G4
DEB U3 U1 T2
Designated team member answering question TOP U3* U3, T2, T3
DEB U3* T2, T3
  1. TOP: Time Out Procedure
  2. DEB: Debriefing
  3. * Hospitals making more than one adaptation