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Table 1 Schools selected for the evaluation exercise

From: HIV knowledge, risky behaviours and public health care services attendance among adolescents from the Grassroot soccer Zimbabwe programme

School nameLocationNumber of graduatesSample sizea
Cowdray Park High schoolCowdray Park134638
Luveve High SchoolLuveve153744
Magwegwe High SchoolMagwegwe198256
Masotsha High SchoolMagwegwe166047
Montrose High SchoolMontrose58617
Mzilikazi High SchoolMzilikazi224064
Nkulumane High SchoolNkulumane510627*
Sizane High SchoolPelandaba295818*
Sobukazi High SchoolMzilikazi222163
St Bernards High SchoolPumula99228
Pumula High SchoolPumula169548
Total 22,323450
  1. aThe figures were calculated using number of graduates from St Columbus High School (930) and Founders High school (608) who were initially targeted but later replaced by Nkulumane High school and Sizane High school respectively