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Table 1 Workforce documents used to construct the OPH normative scenario

From: Rethinking workforce planning for integrated care: using scenario analysis to facilitate policy development

Document type

OPH specific

General workforce

Work Service Reviewa

Workforce for the Care of Older People

Maori Health Workforce Priorities

Pacific Health Workforce Service Forecast

Palliative Care Workforce Service Review

Rehabilitation Service and Workforce Forecast

Diabetes Work Service Review

Workforce projection model


Rural Nursing Workforce

Workforce report (new role)


Nurse Practitioners in New Zealand

Registered Nurse Prescribing in Diabetes Care

  1. Source. Documents accessed through service-forecasts and initiatives/established-initiatives
  2. a Developed by HWNZ, a Work Service Review (WSR) is a service-aggregated, clinician-led and patient-centred scenario that identifies future possible model(s) of care [59]