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Table 1 Descriptive statistics

From: Does disease management for diabetic nephropathy reduce medical expenditure? Evidence from a three-period difference-in-differences analysis

Variable DescriptionMeanStd. Dev.MinMaxObsevationsIndividuals
Dialysis cost (Yen)63,760454,15908,848,00080,2972856
Total medical claim cost (Yen)86,745205,162706,885,34080,2972856
T:treatment group dummy variable (β1)0.0120.1100180,2972856
A:after intervention dummy variable (β2)0.1630.3690180,2972856
TA: treatment group and after intervention dummy variable (β3)0.0070.0860180,2972856
TB: treatment group and before intervention dummy variable (β4)0.0100.1010180,2972856
B: before intervention dummy variable (β5)0.1370.3440180,2972856
Female gender dummy variable0.5440.4980180,2972856
Charlson comorbidity index scores2.2422.05202880,2972856
Ondo dummy variable0.1000.3000180,2972856
Kamagari dummy variable0.0520.2210180,2972856
primary income earner dummy variable0.3490.4770180,2972856
secondary income earner dummy variable0.0930.2900180,2972856
  1. Note: All monetary values are in Japanese yen