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Table 4 Summary of the included studies

From: The rise of rapid implementation: a worked example of solving an existing problem with a new method by combining concept analysis with a systematic integrative review

No References Date Country Type Aim Context Outcome QAT summary score
1 Bando 2017 Japan Literature review To review precision medicine in Japan and Europe Oncology and precision medicine Barriers faced in rapid implementation of precision medicine are apparent in Japan, and further effort and collaboration will be needed for Japan to take a lead in establishing precision medicine 50
2 Basu 2013 America Quantitative To provide a more efficient and powerful tool to perform gene-based genome-wide association study with single or multivariate traits Bio statistics and precision medicine The authors propose a new approach for rapid implementation for gene-based genome-wide association studies 100
3 Battaglia 2018 America Literature Review To discuss pragmatic models, methods, and measures in implementation Nursing research and enhancing population health Pragmatic dissemination and implementation approaches are needed to speed up research translation 50
4 Beck 2009 America Mixed-method The use of a conceptual framework for implementation and dissemination Child Care and paediatric practice at a Health Maintenance Organization Rapid implementation is seen through combining implementation frameworks (PRISM & RE-AIM) and augmenting components with social network analysis Qual: 90
Quant: 100
5 Bernstein 2009 America Quantitative To increase the use of smokers’ quitline referral services Smoking referral Quitline Marked and sustained use of quitline referral services by health care providers 100
6 Birenda 2015 America Quantitative To provide further data to delineate the progression free survival of patients who get treated with targeted therapy in molecular profiling Cancer Demonstrates the potential value of molecular profiling. Continued work on rapid implementation of molecular profiling earlier in the care of oncology patients continue to be a future goal 100
7 Burkard 2017 America Observational Introducing a state-wide molecular tumor board Community oncology practices The molecular tumor board approach provides flexibility and rapid implementation by integrating clinical service, a registry, and a journal club 40
8 Churruca 2019 Australia Multi-case analysis Researchers and implementers working together in situ throughout an implementation project Adapting Implementation Approaches Embedded implementation research approaches hold promise for rapid implementation 50
9 Denomme 2008 Germany Commentary Dry matching to improve transfusion outcomes for widespread implementation by rapid timelines through standards of practice Blood banks Discusses rapid implementation of donor-recipient blood group genotype dry-matching would have on reducing the incidence of delayed transfusion reactions and its associated comorbidities 50
10 Francescatto 2015 America Literature review Precision medicine and speedy implementation in the clinical setting New born screening Discusses rapid implementation through to the possibility of having complete access to our genetic data from birth, if not shortly after conception 40
11 Gale 2019 America Qualitative Comparison of rapid transcription procedures Opioid prescribing in the Veterans Health Administration Rapid analyses is on the rise providing valid findings in a short timeframe, enabling identification of actionable recommendations 100
12 Glasgow [1] 2014 America Literature Review To provide lessons learned from the My Own Health Report Project Primary care Conducting complex studies rapidly and efficiently is a realistic goal 50
13 Glasgow [2] 2003 America Literature Review To discuss the efficacy-effectiveness trials Rapid implementation within healthcare Recommend key conceptual and methodological characteristics are offered to help close the gap 50
14 Glasgow [3] 2012 America Literature Review To determine what is needed for rapidly integrating science into practice Rapid implementation within Health care Different approaches are needed for rapid robust sustainable real world healthcare programs and policies. To produce different outcomes, we need to think and act differently 50
15 Glasgow [4] 2012 America Literature Review To address the gap between current knowledge and practice in the area of dissemination and implementation research Rapid implementation within healthcare Further advances in the field will be achieved by focusing dissemination and implementation to become more rapid 50
16 Guthrie 2014 UK Case Study Investigating time lags from research to practice Public charitable investment in cancer research Having networks in place can support rapid research translation 50
17 Keith 2017 America Qualitative Intervention-specific codes, and CFIR constructs to reduce and organize the data to speed up procedures and analysis Primary care practices Using the CFIR to guide data collection, coding, analysis, and reporting of findings supported a systematic, comprehensive, and timely understanding of barriers and facilitators to practice transformation 100
18 Kilbourne 2017 America Literature Review Using QUERI to support rapid implementation into clinical practice Rapid implementation within healthcare Shows how to rapidly translate research findings or evidence-based treatments (best practices) into clinical practice 100
19 Krier 2016 America Literature Review To discuss precision medicine applications, challenges and opportunities Genomic sequencing in clinical practice Discusses clinical innovation, rapid implementation and complicated implementation questions 50
20 Peek 2014 America Literature Review To discuss different approaches to make health care research more relevant and rapid Rapid implementation within healthcare Emerging standard of research 5 R’s 50
21 Rapport [1] 2018 Australia Literature Review Predicting a new approach to methods Rapid implementation within healthcare For rapid implementation we need new methods 50
22 Rapport [2] 2018 Australia Literature Review The authors aim to reveal how implementation science is presented and understood in health services to progress our knowledge Rapid implementation within healthcare Rapid implementation is about adaption.
Implementation science models, theories, and frameworks are critiqued.
23 Reeves 2013 America Literature Review Exploring ethnography Rapid ethnography as a method to study healthcare Rapid ethnography reduces the time spent in observation when compared to traditional ethnography 60
24 Riley 2013 America Literature Review Speed up research into practice Rapid implementation within healthcare Proposing rapid learning systems to evaluate new and existing treatments 50
  1. Note.  QAT = Quality Assessment Tool. Part of the inclusion criteria was not to exclude literature reviews because rapid implementation is a new area, therefore, it was decided that valuable data may be lost had these studies been excluded. However, the assessment of literature reviews meant that not all of the criteria were applicable thus lowering assessment scores for these specific studies on the QAT