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Table 2 The identified stakeholders

From: Implementation of eHealth Technology in Community Health Care: the complexity of stakeholder involvement

End usersPatients in nursing homes and home-care units.
Next of kinFamilies and next of kin of end users
Health care staffStaff employed in the municipal health care units
Health care ManagersTop and middle managers employed in the municipal health care units
Non-health care StaffEmployees in the health care units; cleaning staff, janitors, etc.
eHealth Project ManagerManager overseeing the eHealth implementation project
IT departmentSupport staff in the municipalities and inter-municipal IT department
Vendors/InnovatorsPrivate SMEs, and innovators of the technology
Local politiciansPoliticians in the municipalities
Municipal administrationMunicipal hired staff
GovernmentGovernment, Ministry of Health and Care services, Directorate of Health and the Directorate of eHealth