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Table 1 Factors, items loading, variance explained and internal consistence of the assessments of department leadership. Principal Component Analysis with Varimax Rotation with Kaiser Normalisation

From: Should I stay or should I go? The role of leadership and organisational context for hospital physicians’ intention to leave their current job

Factor 1: Professional-supportive   
Ensure professional standards and quality in patient treatment.836  
Stimulate professional collaboration across different departments.814  
Motivate employees and create support.865  
Develop and utilize new routines and working methods.768  
Coordinate different types of activity within the department.743  
Solve interpersonal problems and differences.802  
Initialize new professional opportunities.853  
Factor 2: Economic-operational   
Economic steering, accounting and budget .735 
Ensure that rules and routines are followed .718 
% of variance49.8711.5461.41
Cronbach alpha  .871