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Table 1 Variables, data sources and number of observations

From: Relationship of place of death with care capacity and accessibility: a multilevel population study of system effects on place of death in Norway

Level Variable Source N (2003–2011)
Individual PoD (Hospital, Home or Nursing home) NCoDR 351,907 (2465 missing higher-level variables)
Age (six groups)
Enabling   Analyses: 100*20% samples
Marital status (four groups)
CoD (six groups)
Municipal Population characteristics (context) SSB 423–428 (excluding municipalities with missing data)
- Death rate (per 1000 population)
- Age 67–79, 80–89 and 90+ years (% in total population)
- Married (% in population aged 18+)
- Female employment (> 30 h/week) (% in female population aged 16–66 years)
- Population size (five dummy groups)
Accessibility (Travel time to hospital - own data)  
- Travel time to municipal centre
- Travel time to local hospital
- Travel time to local+ hospital (hospital with additional functions)
- Travel time to regional hospital
- Nurses in LTC (FTP per 100 population aged 67+ years)
- Relative size home care (% of total LTC labour costs)
- Nursing home beds (per 100 population aged 80+ years)
Hospital district Capacity SSB 43
- Hospital beds (somatic beds, per 1000 population)
  1. CoD cause of death, FTP full-time positions, LTC long-term care, NCoDR Norwegian Cause of Death Registry, PoD place of death, SSB Statistics Norway