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Table 4 Behaviour change techniques (BCTs) that will be delivered at each appointment of the intervention

From: Development of a complex community pharmacy intervention package using theory-based behaviour change techniques to improve older adults’ medication adherence

Appointment numberActivity
Appointment 1An assessment of the underlying reasons/causes of non-adherence (guided by a paper-based adherence assessment tool)
Appointment 2‘Core’ BCTs
• ‘Self-monitoring of the behaviour’
• ‘Goal-setting (behaviour)’
• ‘Action planning’
‘Optional’ BCTs
• ‘Restructuring the physical environment’
• ‘Prompt/cues’
• ‘Social support (unspecified)’
• ‘Health consequences’
• ‘Goal setting (outcome)’
Appointment 3‘Core’ BCTs
• ‘Feedback on behaviour’
• ‘Review of behaviour goal’
‘Optional’ BCT
• ‘Review of outcome goal’
  1. Key: BCTs = Behaviour change techniques