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Table 3 ‘Core’ and ‘Optional’ BCTs in the intervention package

From: Development of a complex community pharmacy intervention package using theory-based behaviour change techniques to improve older adults’ medication adherence

BCT‘Core1’ or ‘Optional2Brief description of how the BCT will be delivered as part of the intervention in a future feasibility study
Self-monitoring of the behaviourCoreA paper medicines diary will be offered to all patients.
Goal-setting (behaviour)CoreA goal focusing on improving medication use will be set by the patient and pharmacist. The goal could then be reviewed at a follow-up appointment.
Review of behaviour goalCore
Action planningCoreA detailed plan of how the patient will perform the behaviour will be jointly developed (e.g. including specific times).
Feedback on behaviourCoreFeedback will be given to each patient following a review of their medicines diary (e.g. patterns of missed doses).
Health consequencesOptionalInformation on the health consequences of adherence/non-adherence will be given to patients who are intentionally non-adherent.
Social support (unspecified)OptionalA verbal or written plan for obtaining support from others (e.g. family, pharmacy staff) could be developed for those who require this. For example, pharmacy staff may support with the patient with the synchronisation of medication supplies.3
Prompts and cuesOptionalA social or environmental stimulus that cues or acts as a prompt could be recommended to patients who forget to take medications.
Restructuring the physical environmentOptionalA change to the physical environment could be recommended for patients who experience practical difficulties (e.g. changes to packaging, Monitored Dosage Systems).
Goal setting (outcome)OptionalGoals focusing on the positive outcomes of taking medications (e.g. symptom reduction) could be set by patients deemed to have low motivation. The goal could then be reviewed at the follow-up appointment.
Review of behaviour goalOptional
  1. 1BCTs that were selected as potentially suitable for delivery to all patients;2BCTs that were selected as suitable for delivery only when deemed necessary by pharmacists based on an adherence assessment of underlying reasons for non-adherence.;3The synchronisation of medication supplies ensures that patients are dispensed all regular medications on the same day which helps to avoid multiple visits to the pharmacy