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Table 3 Most common diagnoses from emergency room and urgent care visits, by smoking status

From: Smoking is associated with a higher risk of unplanned medical visits among adult patients with diabetes, using retrospective electronic medical record data from 2014 to 2016

Smokers with DiabetesNonsmokers with Diabetes
R10.xx: Abdominal and pelvic pain6.6% (N = 4109)R10.xx: Abdominal and pelvic pain5.4% (N = 8856)
M54.xx: Dorsalgia6.1% (N = 3750)M54.xx: Dorsalgia4.3% (N = 7099)
R07.xx: Pain in throat and chest3.6% (N = 2252)R07.xx: Pain in throat and chest4.3% (N = 6971)
M25.xx: Other joint disorder, not elsewhere classified3.4% (N = 2114)M25.xx: Other joint disorder, not elsewhere classified3.2% (N = 5175)
M79.xx: Other and unspecified tissue disorders3.4% (N = 2085)M79.xx: Other and unspecified tissue disorders3.1% (N = 5092)
L03.xx: Cellulitis and acute lymphangitis2.3% (N = 1453)R05.xx: Cough2.8% (N = 4547)
E11.xx: Type II Diabetes Mellitus2.1% (N = 1314)L03.xx: Cellulitis and acute lymphangitis2.2% (N = 3526)
R05.xx: Cough2.1% (N = 1298)J40.xx: Bronchitis, not specified as acute or chronic2.1% (N = 3422)
J40.xx: Bronchitis, not specified as acute or chronic2.0% (N = 1265)J02.xx: Acute pharyngitis2.0% (N = 3222)
G43.xx: Migraine1.9% (N = 1197)R51.xx: Headache1.8% (N = 3140)