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Table 2 Strategies rated as both important and feasible by all stakeholder groups

From: Selecting and tailoring implementation interventions: a concept mapping approach

PriorityStrategiesImportanceFeasibilityReported Benefits
1Offer an electronic fillable FOCUS form (e.g. on tablet/iPad/online/laptop)4.14.5Improves data collection/submission environment
2Share what is done at the ministry level to look at program effectiveness using the FOCUS4.14.4SLPs will know what happens to the FOCUS data they collect and submit
3Make translations of FOCUS available4.14.4The data collected from FOCUS will be clinically valid
4Improve readability of the FOCUS (e.g. increase the font size and bubble size, shading the items)4.14.3Improves data collection/submission environment
5Make sure FOCUS scores can support functional/clinically-related activities (e.g. helping clinicians form goals)4.14.1SLPs will know how they can use the FOCUS data in their practice
6Offer a way for FOCUS to be completed and submitted by parents at home e.g. online/over the phone4.14Improves data collection/submission environment
7Keep the dialogue open with SLPs to see what can be improved/ changed44.3Research on the FOCUS will incorporate clinical expertise, and be more relevant to practice
8Provide a way that automatically calculates scores/statistics of FOCUS (including change scores from the last FOCUS and the subscale scores)4.23.8Improves data collection/submission environment
9Make sure FOCUS is valid even if different parents/caregivers/SLPs are completing them3.94.6The data collected from FOCUS will be clinically valid
10Create an electronic system that streamlines all administration of FOCUS (e.g. can see all FOCUS of the same child in tabs)3.93.5Improves data collection/submission environment
11Share successful research findings with the use of FOCUS (specify the details of the intervention and how FOCUS data was collected)3.84.8SLPs will know how submitted FOCUS data was used in clinical research
12Change the schedule of FOUCS such that administration is timed to clinical appointments (e.g. assessment/intervention/discharge) rather than saying every 6 months3.83.3Improves data collection/submission environment
13Remove the need to transfer FOCUS score by having an app that connects FOCUS data to the ministry (i.e. remove the need to transfer paper to electronic format)3.83.5Improves data collection/submission environment
14Provide more timely feedback about FOCUS outcomes to SLPs (rather than at PSL meetings only)3.74.3SLPs will know what happens to the FOCUS data they collect and submit