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Table 4 Actions and Reporting Template for each Research Priority and Research Enabler for the integration of the CHSSR-S (adapted from Buykx et al.19)

From: Building a Children’s Health Service and System Research Strategy: development and integration in an Australian paediatric healthcare setting

Area of impact Outcome
Research • Key research questions
• Key objectives (short/medium/long term)
• Internal and external collaborations or partnerships
• Grant application status and future targets
• Funding awarded
• Studentship (PhD, Masters)
• Dissemination plan
 Presentations - conferences, symposiums
System • Statement of overall translational impact to the health system
• Statement of local impact
• Statement of value-add to the health system
• Governance structure
• Metrics of current projects e.g. population reach, clinical and consumer engagement
Policy • Active participation in policy networks (e.g. advocacy, advisory groups)
• Key objectives for short/medium/long term policy changes
Societal • Media engagement and output
• Evidence of population effect e.g. patient stories, focus groups, media releases
  1. CHSSR-S Child Health Services and Systems Research Strategy