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Table 2 CHSSR-S Research Priorities and Research Enablers according to HSSR dimensions of care10

From: Building a Children’s Health Service and System Research Strategy: development and integration in an Australian paediatric healthcare setting

Domain10 Research Priorities and Enablers Purposea
Research Priorities
Decision-making Population Health Implementing an integrated health service and consumer education improvement agenda to tackle long-term health and disease risk factors.
Decision-making Screening, surveillance, and monitoring Implement improved system-wide screening programs for disease to deliver the right prevention and early intervention care at the right time, and integrate statewide surveillance and monitoring programs to improve continuity of care
Decision-making Innovation Integrate a commitment to health service and product innovation that is underpinned by interdisciplinary research and rapid translation into practice, with high quality projects involving newborn screening data, hearing data, medical screening and EMR data sets.
Implementation AYA Cancer Create a multidisciplinary and integrated system of care and services across the organisation via a newly-developed governance structure and extensive consumer engagement.
  Indigenous Health Improve access to specialist care in underserved communities for priority Indigenous populations, driven by community engagement and co-design
  Mental Health Develop a robust service evaluation framework and improvement strategy for mental health services within the health system, driven by academic collaboration.
  Nutrition and Obesity Drive three statewide HSSR-specific programs to improve nutrition and obesity-related outcomes: Prevention; Treatment; and Education and Training.
  Rare Neurodevelopmental Disorders Build collaborations with intra-organisational departments to commence new, health service-focused and outcomes-driven clinical trials to inform future service provision for children with rare neurodevelopmental disorders.
  Sepsis Implement process and outcome evaluation for a multi-system, paediatric sepsis Quality Improvement Project to identify health service gaps and maximise effective, sustainable sepsis treatment programs on a state level.
Evaluation EMR Developing a point of access to “big data” within a health system EMR to create and investigate innovative research questions and conduct data-driven trials.
  Research Enablers  
Decision-making Data Create an organisation-wide repository of linked data sets, enabling clinician-researchers to develop and answer innovative research questions and implement new, value-based service models
Implementation Policy Informing, developing and changing policy and legislation secondary to rapidly translated HSSR.
Evaluation Evaluation and Health Economics Implementing a system-wide health evaluation framework to support capability and capacity building of researchers
  1. CHSSR-S Child Health Services and Systems Research Strategy, AYA Adolescent and Young Adult, HSSR Health Services and Systems, EMR electronic medical record
  2. aSpecific to CHQHHS