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Table 1 Phase 1 - Key HSSR research leaders and stakeholders in CHQ and their associated Research Priorities and Research Enablers

From: Building a Children’s Health Service and System Research Strategy: development and integration in an Australian paediatric healthcare setting

Leaders and stakeholders n (%) Research Priorities Research Enablers
HSSR Champion 1 (7) Policy
Executive Leader 1 (7) Interprofessional education
Research Leadera 2 (14) Mental Health
AYA Cancer
Medical 4 (29) Sepsis
Population Health
Integrated Care
Dietitian 2 (14) Nutrition
Clinical Trials Coordinator 1 (7) Rare Neurodevelopmental Disorders
Multicultural Health Coordinator 1 (7) Indigenous Health
Data analyst 1 (7) EMR Data
Media & Communications Officer 1 (7)
  1. HSSR Health Services and Systems Research, AYA Adolescent and Young Adult, EMR Electronic Medical Record
  2. aProfessor (Mental Health) and Research Fellow (AYA Cancer)