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Table 1 Estimated unit costs of screening, diagnosis, treatment prescription, and enhanced adherence counseling interventions and estimates of the 2016 coverage levels and estimated spend; estimates of the unit costs of providing treatment (insulin and oral) and patient monitoring according to protocols, along with estimates of the number of people in need of each monitoring treatment and monitoring type, and the cost of meeting those needs (disaggregated costs are contained in Table S2). Notes: (1) IEC = Information Education Communication; (2) PHC = Primary Health Clinic

From: Diabetes care cascade in Ukraine: an analysis of breakpoints and opportunities for improved diabetes outcomes

 Unit cost (USD)Estimated number who received serviceEstimated spend (USD)
Screening tests 45,63630,003
 Facility-based blood glucose test0.6641,83327,503
 Outreach/community-based blood glucose test0.6638032500
Diagnosis (confirmatory test) 334412,708
 Oral glucose tolerance tests3.80334412,708
Treatment prescription protocols 30908163
 IEC1 through residential school/courses5.767734451
 IEC through PHC2 clinic staff1.6023183712
Adherence counseling  2085
 Enhanced adherence counseling at PHC clinic0.6223391439
 Enhanced adherence counseling at Feldsher post0.551170646
  Estimated number in need of serviceCost of meeting needs (USD)
Treatment maintenance 40,0006,097,737
 Annual co-payments for oral medication34.3031,0671,065,523
 Annual co-payments for insulin356.5686003,066,413
 Annual patient monitoring costs 40,0001,965,801
Non-pharma, glucose controlled24.4896023,504
Non-pharma, not achieving glucose target28.28224063,356
Oral, glucose controlled25.618460216,678
Oral, not achieving glucose target52.8519,7401,043,278
Insulin, glucose controlled48.97197896,858
Insulin, not achieving glucose target78.856622522,126