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Table 1 Profile of municipalities and participants. CBO = Community-based organization, TBA = Traditional birth attendant

From: Building collective power in citizen-led initiatives for health accountability in Guatemala: the role of networks

 Municipality profileRole in initiativeSexRole in community
ConcepcionPopulation: 7000 in 12km2Defenders3F2Women’s CBO2
Poverty: 81%M1Agricultural cooperative1
Collaborators8F2Municipal institutions3
M6Village leader2
Women’s CBO2
Total11  District Nurse1
SantanaPopulation: 8000 in 68km2Defenders5M5Village leader4
Poverty: 85%Urban civil society1
Collaborators5F1Village leader2
M4Agricultural cooperative1
Women’s CBO1
Total10  Urban civil society1
TolimaPopulation: 27,027 in 196 km2Defenders3F1Urban civil society3
Poverty: 96%M2
Collaborators10F3TBA association4
M7Indigenous authority2
Village leader2
Total13  Urban civil society2