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Table 7 Evaluation of self-knowledge towards weight management among community pharmacists in Lebanon. (n = 341)

From: Role of community pharmacists in weight management: results of a national study in Lebanon

 True/ False% answered correctly% answered incorrect% answered I don’t know
The cut off for body mass index (BMI) to indicate obesity is > 29.9 kg/m2.T15239(71.1)41(12.2)56(16.7)
An initial weight loss goal should be to lose more than 10% of current body weight in 6 monthsF 27,28,3682(24.3)175(51.9)80(23.7)
Once a weight loss goal is achieved it is okay to discontinue treatment.aF29172(51.0)146(43.3)19(5.6)
Laxatives are considered very useful method to lose weight in obese persons.F30262(77.5)66(19.5)10(3.0)
Herbal Laxative (like senna, cascara, etc) are recommended for pregnant or breast feeding womenF31282(83.4)42(12.4)14(4.1)
High consumption of green tea may exert toxicity to liver cells.T32152(45.2)71(21.1)113(33.6)
Orlistat use is associated with a higher incidence of gastrointestinal adverse events compared with placebo.T33226(67.1)71(21.1)40(11.9)
The chronic use laxatives may potentiate the effects of diuretics which may lead to significant losses of fluid and electrolytes, including sodium, potassium, magnesium and zinc.T34267(79.2)41(12.2)29(8.6)
Concomitant use of large quantities of green tea may increase the effectiveness of anticoagulation drugs (warfarin).F 30,31,3558(17.3)143(42.7)134(40.0)
Orlistat is contraindicated in patients with cardiovascular diseases.F33184(54.6)109(32.3)44(13.1)
  1. a Interviewers were trained to indicate that ‘treatment’ in this question referred to ‘dietary changes’