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Table 4 Current practice towards weight management services among community pharmacists in Lebanon*. (n = 341)

From: Role of community pharmacists in weight management: results of a national study in Lebanon

Do you dispense weight loss products at your pharmacy188(55.5)99(29.2)32(9.4)14(4.1)6(1.8)
Do your patients ask you for weight loss products212(62.7)88(26.0)21(6.2)8(2.4)9(2.7)
Do you counsel customer who request to buy products for weight management on the safe and effective use of the product224(66.9)65(19.4)26(7.8)10(3.0)10(3.0)
Do you check for drug or food interaction while dispensing weight loss product193(57.8)66(19.8)35(10.5)22(6.6)18(5.4)
Do you advice the patients to eat low calorie diet235(69.7)56(16.6)30(8.9)8(2.4)8(2.4)
Do you advice the patients to increase physical activity262(78.0)46(13.7)14(4.2)8(2.4)6(1.8)
Do you advice the patients to increase consumption of soluble fiber214(63.9)57(17.0)35(10.4)19(5.7)10(3.0)
Do you provide weight measurements for patients222(66.1)46(13.7)22(6.5)14(4.2)32(9.5)
Do you provide height measurements for patients150(44.6)45(13.4)18(5.4)23(6.8)100(29.8)
Do you provide waist circumference measurements for patients21(6.3)15(4.5)25(7.5)34(10.1)240(71.6)
Do you provide BMI calculation for your patients101(30.0)33(9.8)38(11.3)28(8.3)137(40.7)
Do you provide blood glucose measurement at your pharmacy243(71.9)40(11.8)16(4.7)10(3.0)29(8.6)
Do you provide blood pressure measurement at your pharmacy253(75.1)47(13.9)13(3.9)3(0.9)21(6.2)
Do you provide body fat measurement at your pharmacy39(11.5)13(3.8)21(6.2)15(4.4)250(74.0)
Do you refer your patient to dieticians when needed156(46.3)69(20.5)58(17.2)17(5.0)37(11.0)
Do you ask customers for any side effect or undesirable reaction after taking weight loss products186(55.2)62(18.4)44(13.1)11(33.3)34(10.1)
Do you report any toxicity or adverse reaction of weight loss products?89(26.5)31(9.2)36(10.7)27(8.0)153(45.5)
  1. *Values in this table represent n (%)