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Table 7 Key determinates hospital care-seeking behaviour of patients with private insurance cover (including states)

From: Selection of private or public hospital care: examining the care-seeking behaviour of patients with private health insurance

Factors (reference category)BetaWaldS.E.P-valueOdds ratio
Self- assesses health (Poor)
 Very good−.218.229.455.6330.804
Household disposable income (High)
 Low income.3941.661.306.1971.483
 Lower-middle income.6615.773.275.0161.937
 Higher-middle income−.3141.315.274.2510.730
BMI (BMI= > 30)
 BMI < =18.5.7392.950.430.0862.094
 BMI 18.6–24.9−.
 BMI 25.29.9−.3531.980.251.1590.702
Age (Age > 65)
 Age < 45.7686.258.307.0122.155
 Age 45–65.189.411.296.5211.209
Type of health cover (Both)
 Hospital cover only.3101.180.286.2771.364
 Extra cover only4.0988.360.589.0006.204
Physical activity (> 3 times a week)
  < once a week.
 1–3 times a week−.159.476.230.4900.853
Financial risk-taking attitude (Never)
 Substantial risks.8671.605.685.2052.381
 Above average risks−1.764.848.801.0280.171
 Average risks−.196.422.302.5160.822
 Not willing−.
Other compounding variables
 Born outside Australia (In Australia)−.4693.213.262.0730.626
 Female (Male).136.420.210.5171.145
 No long-term health condition (Yes).3151.770.237.1831.370
 Not a full-time student (Full-time student)−.6152.552.385.1100.541
 Currently not married (Married).2161.124.204.2891.241
 Rural (Urban)−.
 Education more than High school (Otherwise)−.4594.537.215.0330.632
 Hospital doctor visit (Otherwise)−.5567.830.199.0050.574
 Specialist doctor visits (Otherwise)1.23834.843.210.0003.450
State (Capital Territory)
 New South Wales−1.014.874.455.0270.366
 South Australia−.392.592.510.4410.675
 Western Australia−.9403.538.500.0600.390
 Northern Territory 0.468.248.940.6191.596
 Omnibus test model coefficients272.4620.000 
 Hosmer & Lemeshow10.7240.218 
 -2 Log likelihooda771.135  
 Cox & Snell  0.24
 Nagelkerke  0.37
  1. Note: Data from Wave 13. Bootstrap standard errors and p-values. Results are based on 1000 bootstrap samples. Reference category presented in the parenthesis. Dependent variable hospital admission type = 1 if public patient in a public hospital and 0 otherwise
  2. a estimation terminated at iteration number 0.5 because parameter estimates changed by less than 0.001