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Table 6 Key determinants of hospital care-seeking behaviour of patients with private insurance cover

From: Selection of private or public hospital care: examining the care-seeking behaviour of patients with private health insurance

Factors (reference category)BetaWaldS.E.P-valueOdds ratio
Self- assesses health (Poor)
 Very good−0.2670.3600.4600.5270.766
Household disposable income (High)
 Low income0.3411.3240.3010.0561.407
 Lower-middle income0.5914.8830.2840.0321.806
 Higher-middle income−0.3531.7180.290.1950.703
BMI (BMI= >  30)
 BMI < =18.50.6812.6660.4390.1011.976
 BMI 18.6–24.9− 0.0390.0260.2470.8580.961
 BMI 25.29.9−0.3331.8280.2530.1680.717
Age (Age > 65)
 Age < 450.7726.6010.3020.0052.165
 Age 45–650.1670.3320.2820.5311.182
Type of health cover (Both)
 Hospital only0.1950.5060.2750.4631.215
 Extras only4.05315.5482.2710.0017.550
Physical activity (>  3 times a week)
  < once a week0.1190.2330.2550.6291.127
 1–3 times a week−0.1190.2810.2470.6140.888
Financial risk-taking attitude (Never)
 Substantial risks1.2813.5141.6160.0813.600
 Above average risks1.563.9245.9560.041.210
 Average risks−0.1140.1480.3130.7020.892
 Not willing0.0260.0080.3090.9221.026
Other compounding variables
 Born outside Australia (In Australia)−0.3521.8780.2670.1630.704
 Female (Male)0.1750.7220.210.391.191
 No long-term health condition (Yes)0.2951.630.2450.2011.343
 Not a full-time student (Full-time student)−0.7123.5020.4170.0390.491
 Currently not married (Married)0.1480.5470.220.4591.160
 Rural (Urban)−0.2190.600.3260.470.804
 Education more than High school (Otherwise)−0.4474.4190.2210.0330.640
 Hospital doctor visit (Otherwise)−0.5678.4150.2090.0020.567
 Specialist doctor visits (Otherwise)1.18333.2110.2130.0013.265
 Omnibus test model coefficients252.780.000 
 Hosmer & Lemeshow12.990.112 
 -2 Log likelihooda790.81  
 Cox & Snell  0.223
 Nagelkerke  0.345
  1. Note: Data from Wave 13. Bootstrap standard errors and p-values. Results are based on 1000 bootstrap samples. Reference category presented in the parenthesis. Dependent variable hospital admission type = 1 if public patient in a public hospital and 0 otherwise
  2. a estimation terminated at iteration number 0.5 because parameter estimates changed by less than 0.001