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Table 6 Bivariate analysis of key characteristic variables against client’s FLHW gender preference

From: Female clients’ gender preferences for frontline health workers who provide maternal, newborn and child health (MNCH) services at primary health care level in Nigeria

Key characteristic variablesMale health care providerFemale health care providerDoesn’t Matter 
 Cross River3.4%33.1%63.5%.000
Reason for visiting the health facility
 My Child4.3%32.1%63.6% 
 Myself and my child0.0%60.0%40.0% 
Pregnancy status   .000
Purpose of visit for MNCH services   .124
 Childbirth Care0.0%75.0%25.0% 
 Post-Partum/Post –Natal care0.0%37.5%62.5% 
 Family Planning0.0%80.0%20.0% 
Cadre of healthcare worker seen   .105
 Don’t know0.0%72.7%27.3% 
Gender of healthcare worker seen