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Table 1 Distribution of exit clients by key characteristic variables (N = 256)

From: Female clients’ gender preferences for frontline health workers who provide maternal, newborn and child health (MNCH) services at primary health care level in Nigeria

Characteristic(N)Percentage (%)
 Cross River14857.8
Reason for visiting the health facility
 My Child14054.7
 Myself and my child52.0
Pregnancy status
aPurpose of visit for Self
 Childbirth Care (neonate)41.6
 Post-Partum/Post–Natal care197.4
 Family Planning52.0
aPurpose of visit for the Child
 Childbirth care (under 5 yrs)31.2
 Child Nutrition10.4
 Child Immunization7830.5
 Childhood illness5220.3
Cadre of health care provider seen
 Don’t know228.6
Gender of health care provider seen
  1. aTotal frequency (N) i.e. ‘Purpose of visit for Self’ + ‘Purpose of visit for the Child’ was more than 256 due to multiple responses. Five female clients were attending the health facility for healthcare services for both themselves and their child