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Table 2 Keyword groupings relevant to research questions by question and full corpus

From: Adult patient perspectives on receiving hospital discharge letters: a corpus analysis of patient interviews

Interview question (Q) RQ relevance Keywords relevant to RQ(s) and Qs
Q1: Please tell me about your experiences of receiving any form of written discharge communication? RQ1 Discharge(d), hospital, letter, doctor(s), medication, GP, information, nurse, tablets, surgery, received, telephoned, given, copy, consultant, papers, appointment, operation, sent, patient
Q2: When you were discharged from hospital recently, what information were your given? RQ1 Discharge(d), hospital, letter, information, doctor(s), medication(s), given, GP, consultant, summary, papers, said, told, communication, aftercare, follow
Q3: How did you feel about the information you were given? RQ1/RQ2 Hospital, discharge(d), letter, information, doctor, GP, medication, reads, given, patient, medical, told, summary
Q4: What written information would you like to be given or sent when being discharged from hospital and why? RQ2 Hospital, information, discharge(d), letter, know, medication, given, patient(s), summary, think, medical
Q5: Would you prefer to receive a direct copy of the letter sent to your GP or a separate letter specifically addressed to yourself? RQ2 GP(s), letter, copy, information, discharge(d), patient, understand, personalised, medical
Q6: Would you like to always be given a letter or would you prefer to choose each time you are discharged? RQ2 Letter(s), discharge(d), GP, information, patient(s), think, opt, copy, given, time, medical, automatic, system
Q7: How do you think the process of patients receiving written discharge communication can be improved? RQ1/RQ2 Discharge(d), information, letter, patient(s), communication, waiting, given, copy, time
Q8: Is there anything else you would like to talk to me about today related to written discharge communication? RQ1/RQ2 Hospital, patient(s), discharge(d), think, letter, communication, experience, information, medical, NHS
Full patient corpus (all questions compiled) RQ1/RQ2 Hospital, discharge(d), letter(s), GP, information, doctor(s), patient(s), medication, given, know, surgery, think, copy, medical, communication, summary, follow, aftercare, time, told, tablets, treatment, understand, results, tests, waiting, paperwork, anything, received, blood, read, happened