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Table 1 Characteristics of the included facilities and the interviewed health workers

From: Assessment of a novel scanner-supported system for processing of child health and immunization data in Uganda

Health centreSystem in placeTotal number of staff giving child health servicesNumber of staff document- tingService duration (hh:mm) Interviewee 
Number of childrenAgeSexYears worked at HCObservation of factors impacting time motion study
HC1MyChild system4202:352458M10Weight not plotted
HC2MyChild system7602:373340M10 
HC3MyChild system5302:123026M3 
HC4MyChild system7402:483342M5 
HC5MyChild system3201:412050M10 
HC6aMyChild system5401:584045M15No scale at the facility
HC7MyChild system6101:551129M3Weight not plotted
HC8HMIS EPI2202:161228F3 
HC9HMIS EPI3201:362658M10 
HC10HMIS EPI3203:122860M7 
HC11HMIS EPI2202:503336F14Weight sometimes plotted
HC12aHMIS EPI3204:3610240M9No scale at the facility and Child register barely used
HC13HMIS EPI2202:241642M14 
HC14aHMIS EPI21  63F2Time motion data missing
  1. a Datasets were excluded due to non-conformity with inclusion criteria or lost due to a technical error