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Table 3 Methodological characteristics of RAI-HC quality indicator sets (AIRE instrument)

From: Home care quality indicators based on the Resident Assessment Instrument-Home Care (RAI-HC): a systematic review

 interRAI’s 1st generation QI set [37]Swiss RAI-HC
QI set [29]
interRAI’s 2nd generation QI set [30]
Domain 1: Purpose, relevance and organizational context60%60%47%
The purpose of the indicator is described clearly443.5
The criteria for selecting the topic of the indicator are described in detail2.543
The organizational context of the indicator is described in detail43.52
The quality domain the indicator addresses is described in detail2.51.52.5
The health-care process covered by the indicator is described and defined in detail111
Domain 2: Stakeholder Involvement44%28%56%
The group developing the indicator includes individuals from relevant professional groups3.52.54
Considering the purpose of the indicator, all relevant stakeholders have been involved at some stage of the development process2.523
The indicator has been formally endorsed111
Domain 3: Scientific evidence11%0%0%
Systematic methods were used to search for scientific evidence1.511
The indicator is based on recommendations from an evidence-based guideline1.511
The supporting evidence has been critically appraised111
Domain 4: Additional evidence, formulation and usage69%48%54%
The numerator and denominator are described in detail444
The target patient population of the indicator is defined clearly422
A strategy for risk adjustment has been considered and described414
The indicator measures what it is intended to measure (validity)
The indicator measures accurately and consistently (reliability)13.51
The indicator has sufficient discriminative power3.533.5
The indicator has been piloted in practice111
The efforts needed for data collection have been considered444
Specific instructions for presenting and interpreting the indicator results are provided3.511.5
  1. Abbreviations: AIRE Appraisal of Indicators through Research and Evaluation;QI Quality indicator
  2. Item scores: Each item score ranges from 1 to 4 with 1 = strongly disagree (confident that the criterion has not been fulfilled or no information was available), 2 and 3 = disagree/agree (unsure whether the criterion has been fulfilled) and 4 = strongly agree (confident that the criterion has been fulfilled) [33]
  3. Domain score calculation: Domain scores for the four AIRE instrument domains were calculated as follows: first, the two authors’ scores per item were summed up and divided by two to obtain an average rating per item; second, the average item scores were summed up per domain to obtain the domain score; and third, the domain score were standardized using the following formula: (total score per domain - minimum possible score) / (maximum possible score - minimum possible score) × 100%
  4. High methodological quality of QI set: If score ≥ 50% across all four AIRE instrument domains