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Table 4 Supportive Environment Theme; Quotes by Topic

From: Moving enhanced recovery after surgery from implementation to sustainability across a health system: a qualitative assessment of leadership perspectives

Supportive Environment ThemeWhat provides a supportive environment for ERAS development?
LeadershipWe had very strong physician leadership from the beginning, both with general surgery, the colorectal guys, as well as with anesthesia. The fact that they bought in right from the beginning and were visible champions, I think that made a huge difference in terms of being able to move ERAS forward. Once that commitment was seen I think we saw the nursing leadership, the operational leadership also make that commitment. And so, I think that’s really key in this work.
ResourcesFrom the system wide, running the program thing…I think that if we are going to implement this across the entire hospital, which is eventually where I think we need to go, you know vascular, urology, gynecology, or orthopedics. There is going to be some more financial support for nursing management, for the enhanced recovery after surgery coordinator nurse position. Not only for management program, but also for data analysis work that needs to happen. So you know more funding for that.
DataSo, it’s kind of tricky that way. I would like to see it expand to all the surgeries and have ERAS for all because it does make a difference. I’m worried about sustainability because ERAS for colorectal has been at this site for quite some time. But research has shown that if the data isn’t monitored, it does drop off and it’s so true. They’re just not self-sustained. They need somebody to still have the meetings, still bring the group together, and still talk about the data otherwise I’m fearful that it will just drop off.