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Table 1 The percentage of demand divided into zones of accessibility according to travel time

From: Effect of centralization on geographic accessibility of maternity hospitals in Finland

Accessibility level (travel time in hours)Current situation (22 hospitals)16 largest hospitalsLocation-allocation analysisBest possible coverage a
Straight p-medianSequential p-medianCapacitated p-median
Excellent (<  0.5)69.463.761.163.660.463.9
Good (<  1)93.186.489.687.588.490.0
Moderate (<  2)99.597.399.499.099.499.5
Poor (≥ 2)
Mean26 min 23 s33 min 35 s30 min 23 s31 min 6 s30 min 50 s 
Capacity of hospital
  1. The travel time is calculated for the current situation and four different scenarios involving only 16 maternity hospitals
  2. aBest possible coverage is calculated separately for each travel time threshold using maximal coverage analysis with 16 maternity hospitals