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Table 1 OOH contact characteristics of patients 70 years and older (n = 38,293)

From: Contact characteristics and factors associated with the degree of urgency among older people in emergency primary health care: a cross-sectional study

Contact characteristicsn(%)Ratea
Age groups
 70–74 years9353(24.4)253
 75–79 years8253(21.6)328
 80–84 years8113(21.2)458
 85–89 years7088(18.5)594
 ≥90 years5486(14.3)769
 Sex unknown7(0.0)0
Time of day
 Daytime (08:00–15:29) b12,089(31.6)122
 Evening (15:30–22:59)20,025(52.3)202
 Night (23:00–07:59)6179(16.1)62
Day of week
Mode of contact
 Telephone from patient, next of kin, caregiver19,896(52.0)201
 Telephone from health professionals12,483(32.8)126
 Direct attendance3198(8.4)32
 EMCC c/alarm2513(6.6)25
 Other (police, social service)198(0.5)2
 Mode of contact unknown5(0.0)0
Reason for encounter (ICPC-2 chapter)
 General and unspecified (A)8109(21.2)82
 Musculoskeletal (L)5189(13.6)52
 Respiratory (R)4937(12.9)50
 Urological (U)3557(9.3)36
 Digestive (D)3354(8.8)34
 Cardiovascular (K)2436(6.4)25
 Skin (S)2172(5.7)22
 Neurological (N)1526(4.0)15
 Psychological (P)1218(3.2)12
 Eye (F)714(1.9)7
 Endocrine/metabolic/nutrition (T)480(1.3)5
 Other chapters d797(2.1)8
 Reason for encounter unknown3804(9.9)39
Priority degree
 Green, not urgent23,110(60.4)233
 Yellow, urgent12,574(32.8)127
 Red, acute2554(6.7)26
 Priority degree unknown55(0.1)0
Initial response
 Medical consultation by doctor18,530(48.4)187
 Telephone advice only, by doctor6764(17.7)68
 Telephone advice only, by nurse6546(17.1)66
 Home visit by doctor2296(6.0)23
 Call out by ambulance and doctor1819(4.8)18
 Other (call out by ambulance (no doctor)/ref. to police)1790(4.7)18
 Medical consultation by nurse450(1.2)5
 Initial response unknown98(0.6)1
  1. a Rate per 1000 inhabitants per year; b Saturdays, Sundays, Holidays; c EMCC: Emergency Medical Communication Centre; d Ear (H), Blood (B), Male genital (Y), Female genital (X), Social problems (Z) Pregnancy and family planning (W)