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Table 1 Description of definition quality

From: Defining and assessing context in healthcare implementation studies: a systematic review

Definition type Description Example
Lists contextual factors Articles list contextual factors relevant to the implementation process “Management support, adequate training, physician involvement, physician autonomy and doctor-patient relationship” [25]
Lists sub-elements of a framework that includes context Articles list sub-elements of a framework that includes contextual factors Context includes aspects of the culture, leadership and evaluation at the particular site”
(Definition based on the PARiHS framework) [26].
Provides a meaningful definition of general context Articles go beyond simply listing contextual factors and provide a broad definition of context … the pre-existing conditions and relationships in the organisational system that partner with the programme’s mechanisms to make success or failure of the intervention more or less likely” [27].
Provides a meaningful definition of an element of context Articles provide a rich definition of an aspect of context or provide a comprehensive definition of sub-elements of a framework that includes context Organisational climate is conceptualised as individual and group perceptions of how the work environment affects the well-being of the organisations members while organisational culture is conceptualised as how the work is done in the organisation based on worker expectations” [28].