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Table 2 Measures of integration reported in review articles

From: Measures for the integration of health and social care services for long-term health conditions: a systematic review of reviews

Author, dateStructuresProcessesOutcomes
System outcomesHealth outcomesPatient- or carer- reported outcomes
Damery et al., 2016 [19]  X  
Bautista et al., 2016 [20]XX   
Baxter et al., 2018 [13] XX  
Busse and Stahl, 2014 [21]XXXX 
Cameron et al., 2014 [22]XXXXX
Suter et al., 2017 [15]XX  X
Laver et al., 2014 [23] XXXX
Rutten-van Molken et al., 2018 [24] XXXX
Backhouse, 2017 [25]  XXX
Soto et al., 2004 [26]  XXX
Tummers et al., 2012 [27] XXXX
Davies et al., 2011 [28] XXXX
Eklund et al., 2009 [29] XXXX
Kirst et al., 2017 [30]XXX X
Mason et al., 2015 [31]XXXXX
Stewart et al., 2013 [32]XXXXX
Strandberg-Larsen et al., 2009 [33]XX   
Valaitis et al., 2017 [34]XXXXX
Total review articles915151213