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Table 3 Itemised costs of embedding specialist preventive care clinician in the community mental health service for 6 months

From: An economic evaluation of a specialist preventive care clinician in a community mental health service: a randomised controlled trial

 Cost per unitUnitUnits utilised (n)TotalsAdjusted1 totals ($)Reference
Base case intervention costs
  Specialist clinician training (occupational therapist)$49.69Hours16$794.97$794.97[63]
  Specialist clinician salary (occupational therapist)$49.69Hours355.2$17,648.34$8085.20[63]
  Reception staff support$24.56Hours8$196.44$90.00[65]
Premises cost/room space$245.00Metres212$2940.00$2940.00[72]
Telephone calls$560.00Phone plan1$560.00$256.55[66]
  Self-help pamphlets$0.432Pamphlets100$69.00$31.61[67, 68]
  Fax referral forms$0.233Referrals84$41.16$18.86[67, 69]
Travel costs$0.66km540$356.40$163.28[70]
Overheads (% of total labour)27.5%% $5125.93$2466.00[71]
Total base case intervention Costs   $27,684.41$14,825.34 
Base case cost per participant   $68.19  
Parameters varied in sensitivity analyses (all non-specified parameters remain the same as the base case)
(i) Registered nurse
 Specialist clinician training (registered nurse)$38.86Hours16$590$590[76]
 Specialist clinician salary (registered nurse)$38.86Hours355.2$13,092$5998[76]
 Total intervention costs sensitivity analysis (i)   $21,613$11,902 
(ii) Peer worker
 specialist clinician training (peer worker)$32.81Hours16$525$525[63]
 Specialist clinician salary (peer worker)$32.81Hours355.2$11,656$5955[63]
 Total intervention costs sensitivity analysis (ii)   $19,699$10,981 
(iii) Reception support increased
 Specialist clinician salary$49.69Hours235.2$11,686$5354[63]
 Reception staff support$24.56Hours128$3143$1440[65]
 Total intervention costs sensitivity analysis (iii)   $23,839$13,064 
  1. 1The cost of the intervention for participants with available data. Total intervention cost was adjusted to estimate the proportion of intervention costs attributable to participants with available data, where costs were reduced to 46% of the total amount
  2. 2Printed in colour
  3. 3Printed in black and white