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Table 2 Descriptive statistics of the independent variables and outcomes

From: The association between the supply and utilization of community-based primary care and child health in a context of hospital-oriented healthcare system in urban districts of Guangdong, China: a panel dataset, 2014–2016

 2014 (n = 60)2015 (n = 58)2016 (n = 60)Across all years (n = 178)
MeanStd. DeviationMeanStd. DeviationMeanStd. DeviationMeanStd. DeviationMin.Max.
Number of PCPs per 10,000 population8.733.689.113.449.673.819.173.652.3819.30
Visit proportion to primary care, %71.0319.8471.1719.5970.2519.6870.8119.6025.43100.00
Number of physicians working in district-level hospitals per 10,000 population4.623.444.713.554.963.654.773.530.0015.38
GDP per capita (CNY 10,000/USD 1586.34)
Population density (1000 per square kilometer)4.527.404.406.534.616.754.516.870.1335.93
Children aged between 0 and 6, %
Pregnant women with rural registration, %49.9330.9847.4029.5249.5328.3148.9729.480.00100.00
Resident population of the district (in thousands)1262.451262.221356.531774.721303.491551.671306.941643.12170.509843.06