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Table 4 number of patients living around each PCF

From: No man is an island: spatial clustering and access to primary care as possible targets for the development of new community mental health approaches

 Total PatientsTotal AdmissionsCompulsory admissions
656 m1000 m656 m1000 m656 m1000 m
UCSP Lapa1574232045920
UCSP Marvila110283102048
UCSP Mónicas38369748762128
UCSP Olivais135444113738
UCSP Penha de Franca5811145681332051
USF Arco20149822571024
USF Loios224523154139
USF Monte Pedral3237163370725
USF Oriente2525163050516
USF Ribeira Nova28449031581427
USF Sétima Colina5521175601262151
USF Sofia Abecassis2144841945923
USF. Baixa363873471091837
USF Fonte Luminosa / UCSP Alameda42185837721430
USF Jardins da Encarnacão / USF Vasco Gama12143083719