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Table 1 Unmet need for healthcare services and the reasons for unmet need

From: Cost–related unmet need for healthcare services in Kenya

Was ill and Needed admission36,90188.3488211.741,783 
Did not seek healthcare services300986.945313.13462 
Percentage with unmet need 8.2 9.3 8.3
Percentage with cost-related unmet need 2.9 5.2 3.2
Reasons for unmet need
 Cost-related (Lack of money and high costs)108135.925656.5133738.6
 Illness was not considered serious107035.68819.4115833.5
 Long distance to the health provider491.681.8571.7
 Religious/cultural reasons361.251.1411.2
 Fear of serious illness110.410.2120.4
 Perceived poor quality of service80.340.9120.4
 Perceived lack of drugs at the facilities100.340.9140.4
 Other reasons (Not specified)983.35512.11534.4
Total (N)3009 453 3462