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Table 1 Youth-friendliness subdomains assessed in the YFHS-Swe questionnaire (modified from [16])

From: Assessing the youth-friendliness of youth clinics in northern Sweden: a survey analyzing the perspective of the youth

Access sexualAbility to receive help related to sexual and reproductive health
Access psychosocialAbility to receive help related to psychosocial health
Access contactAbility to get contact and ease of accessing the service
Equity diversityEqual terms for youth disregards social or cultural background, gender, disability or other
Equity legalEqual terms for youth with legal concerns
Privacy and confidentialityThe visit ensured confidentiality and privacy
 No judgementThe staff provided attention, support and were non-judgemental
 RespectThe youths felt that they are treated with respect
Quality consultationQuality of the encounter between staff and youth
Quality facilityQuality of the facility and information