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Table 3 Definition of efficiency indicators

From: Equity and efficiency of maternal and child health resources allocation in Hunan Province, China

InputNumber of health personnelAt the end of the year, the sum of registered doctors, registered assistant doctors, registered nurses, pharmacists, laboratory and imaging technicians, health supervisors and probationers in MCHHs.
Number of bedsThe practical beds in medical and health institutions (also referred to as the number of actual beds).
Number of medical equipment with a value of ≥ CNY 10,000At the end of the year, the amount of medical equipment with a unit price exceeding CNY 10,000 in MCHHs.
Operating areasAt the end of the year, all housing areas of MCHHs except for the residences of employees. This includes areas for medical services, public health services, medical education and scientific research, logistical support, administrative management and hospital life facilities.
OutputNumber of live birthsThe number of newborns of more than 28 weeks’ gestation age with one of the four vital signs after delivery: breathing, heart beats, pulsation of the umbilical cord and definite movements of voluntary muscles.
Number of outpatients and emergency visitsThe number of patients having outpatient and emergency diagnostic services.
System management rate for children under 3 years oldThe proportion of children under 3 years of age receiving regular physical examinations within the stipulated time.