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Table 1 Framework for context constructs

From: Supporting children who have a parent with a mental illness in Tyrol: a situational analysis for informing co-development and implementation of practice changes

Context constructDefinition
professional influencesformal or informal norms, rules, policies or standards guiding the professionalization of individuals involved in the implementation
political supportextent of backing from public officials or special interest groups
social climatebeliefs, values, customs and practices of the larger community and / or system within which the intervention is embedded
local infrastructurephysical, technical, service, and training structure or resources existing in the community or larger system in which the intervention is embedded
policy and legal climateformal national, state, community, or system regulations (rules, policies, laws) impacting the intervention
relational climatedegree and / or quality of relationships with external entities (e.g. referral sources, partner organizations, regulation agencies, etc.) not involved in implementation but key to successful intervention delivery
target populationcharacteristics associated with individuals the intervention is designed to impact including population needs, culture, beliefs, preferences, locatability, ability to access, and motivation to engage
funding and economic climatethe character of the national, regional, or local economy and availability of funding as related to the intervention
  1. Source: Watson et al. (2018) ([32], p. 6)