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Table 2 Standardized scales used in the postal surveys

From: People with multimorbidity in outpatient care: patient-focused and needs-oriented healthcare management (MamBo) – protocol for a multiperspective evaluation study

Physicians survey
 HSOPS_M Hospital Survey on Patient Safety Culture for Hospital Management - overall perceptions of safety) [19]patient safety
 Dispositional Resistance to Change Scale - routine seeking [20]openness to innovations
 The workload in Nursing scale captures - psychophysical overload [21]psychophysical burden of workload
Patients survey
 WHO 5-items Well-being Scale [22]wellbeing
 PACIC - Patient Assessment of Chronic Illness Care shortened form [23]patients’ perceptions of the quality of care they have received for their chronic conditions
 EFK-HPC Questionnaire on Disease Processing - Acting, problem-oriented Coping [24]current coping efforts
 Patient questionnaire of cologne (subscale) [25]burden of disease
 HL-COM -Health Literacy sensitive Communication [26]health literacy sensitive communication
 Medication Adherence Rating Scale (MARS) [27]drug compliance
 BS6 - Brief Social Support Scale (BS6) [28]social support
 PHQ-2-Patient Health Questionnaire 2 [29]depression
 EORTC-QLQ-C30 (subscales) [30]quality of life regarding physical function and global health