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Table 1 Different domains of the multiperspective evaluation study

From: People with multimorbidity in outpatient care: patient-focused and needs-oriented healthcare management (MamBo) – protocol for a multiperspective evaluation study

Evaluation typeData sourcetime of data collection
Process evaluationfocus groupsparticipating physiciansannual, during the intervention phase
monitoring and coordination assistants
semi- structured interviewsdemand management
care management
management consultancyonce after the implementation
Outcome evaluationprimary dataquestionnaire of participating physicians (n ~ 40)two time-points during the intervention phase
questionnaire of participating practice staff (n ~ 160)
questionnaire of participating patients (t0: n ~ 2460; t0 & t1: n ~ 1500)
questionnaire of non-participating physicians within the physician’s network (n ~ 60)one time-point during the intervention phase
secondary datastatutory health insurance claim data (group 1: n ~ 1.975; group 2: n ~ 2524)during and at the end of the intervention phase
RGL- process data