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Table 1 Demographic characteristics of the study sample

From: Accreditation as a management tool: a national survey of hospital managers’ perceptions and use of a mandatory accreditation program in Denmark

 < 45 years388.8
 46–50 years419.5
 51–55 years10824.9
 56–60 years14733.9
 61–65 years8319.2
 > 66 years163.7
Years in current position
 < 1 year326.0
 1–3 years13324.8
 4–6 years10920.3
 7–9 years9117.0
> 9 years17131.9
Management level
 Senior management10018.7
 Middle management43681.3
Participation in accreditation
 First version of DDKM44182.3
 Second version of DDKM50995.0
 Other forms of accreditation35766.6
  1. Note. The sum for Age does not add up to the total (N = 536) because some values were missing