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Table 3 Presentation of categories, subthemes, and the main theme

From: “Invisible” visual impairments. A qualitative study of stroke survivors` experience of vision symptoms, health services and impact of visual impairments

• Experience of sudden vision problems – distressful but not alarmingVision problems are experienced as a difficult unknown symptom of stroke“Invisible” visual impairments
• Difficulties relating vision problems as a symptom of stroke
• “They primarily do not have it in their checklist” - an experienced lack of focus on vision in the stroke unitsExperiences of inadequate visual care in health services
• No offer of visual rehabilitation in health services - a worry
• Difficult and exhausting to adapt to changes in everyday activitiesVisual impairments—big impact now and in the future
• Life moves on, without driving
• Being told that nothing could be done for the vision impairment - accepted, but not convinced …