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Table 2 Examples of the analysis from manifest to latent content

From: “Invisible” visual impairments. A qualitative study of stroke survivors` experience of vision symptoms, health services and impact of visual impairments

Meaning unit (MU)
Manifest content
Condensed MU
Manifest content
Manifest content
Latent content
“I rubbed my eyes … but I thought it [visual loss] would pass—I did not think it could be something serious! But this was in the evening, so I took my medication, because I got tired, so I took them and went to bed. I fell asleep at once.”Thought the vision loss would pass, and not as something serious.Waiting for the symptoms to passExperience of sudden vision problems – distressful but not alarming
“I also lost balance, you know. It was not only that I did not see-that I saw double, but I was swaying. Just like a drunk man; I was swaying. That was unsettling. Very distressful.”In addition to double vision, lost balance and was swaying. Felt like a drunk man swaying. Felt unsettled and very distressful.Distressful feeling of sudden vison problem